January 12 2009

I have added several subscritions in the google reader link that will hopefully assist me throughout the semester in my constant research and awareness of war and the literature that exists are a result of war.  Although the process of both world press and google reader are new to me, and I have experienced several frustrating moments, I hope that as I continue to use it I will become more comfortable and I will be able to continue adding useful links to my RSS feed.  However, here are some explanations for why I chose the links that are present.

New York Times: I chose the New York times because it takes a look at both foreign and domestic affairs from the perspective of Americans.  I feel this source is credible and provides an array of articles and information reguarding the current war in Iraq.

BBC News: I chose BBC News as one of my subscriptions because I feel that it can provide an outside view of affairs within the United States, and abroad.  I feel that as an American, it is often easy to have biases and having a source that does not come from American’s feeling the same way as me about the war may help me create a better span of knowledge.

The Sandbox: Althought this example of a Milblog was already given in class, I was so profoundly moved by the information I found on it that I wanted to include it in my own research. I think the first hand perspectives and accounts offers insight that is just not present from a journalist’s point of view.

Military History Podcast:  I chose this military podcast because it offers information about current affairs by looking into the past and relating history and past events to the events that are occuring all over the world presently.

War In Irag (Google): I made my google news feed search the results of the War in Iraq.  I feel that I have experienced personal growth and change as a result of living in the time period of this war. I want to remain an informed citizen and I want to be knowledgeable about all affairs concerning the war we are currently in.

Resources for Military/Army Wives’ Life: I chose both of these blogs because the aspect that involves how the war effects families is very interesting to me.  In the case of military families with children, I feel a strong obligation to know the information necessary to help a child like this in case I end up teaching near a Military base.  Also, it is always nice to know that there are ways to help and even just sending a word of encouragement to Military wives may by the difference of the outcome of their day.

I hope I will be able to add other interesting, helpful links to my news feed as the semester progresses.


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