Throughout my research for the current war in Iraq, I have come across a common theme amoung all wars and amoung everyone involved. The theme of uncertainty rings true in every aspect of war including for sailors, soliders, marines, and for the families of all military personnel. I turn to Very Brittain’s Testament of Youth for further proof that uncertainty can be a frightening and yet sobering feeling.

Aside from being a young woman, and being uncertain about her future, Vera Brittain also fears the uncertainty in the relationship between her and her soldier. Similarly, Roland fears the uncertainty that the Army deals him. Members of the military are never promised anything and even when they recieve directions or dates to deploy, there is always the chance those statements could be changed. For Vera and Roland, there is so much uncertainty in their worlds that the only thing they have found that is concrete, is one another. I think this happens often in mlitary relationships.

When a couple must endure the difficulties felt through the distance and harshness of war, they realize, like Vera and Roland that although there is the possibilty of uncertainty in their personalities, meaning that there is potential that the war could change them, they find comfort in the strength of their love. Although Vera experiences the change she feels by diving head first into the responsibility of being a nurse, she relies on writing to Roland as stability in her life. Vera admits in a letter to Roland:
“I don’t mind anything really so long as I don’t lose my
personality-or even have it temporatily extinguished. And I don’t
think I can do that when i have You” (Brittain).
This quote is proof that Vera has accepted the innevitable change, but feels that Roland is her rock to resist loosing her true self.

Amoung my research, I found an article pertaining to uncertainty that is found in Iraq. Everytime a soldier goes out on a patrol, there is a the potential of them losing their life.

“MOSUL – Four U.S. soldiers and an interpreter were killed, and other people wounded, including two policemen, when a suicide

car bomber targeted a U.S. military patrol in western Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. The attack occured near a

police  check point.”

There is a constant uncertainty that can be displayed in any and every aspect of war. I want to continue to look at the effects that certain details that effect uncertainty and how each group of people are effected.

Brittain, Vera. Testament of Youth. 212

Statistics of daily casualties


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